1Tribe Primitive Cabin #7

For up to 2 Persons

About the Accommodation

Scattered on a hillside nearby The Farmhouse with decks all facing the sunrise are our Primitive Cabins: the ideal farmside glamping experience as an individual or group. These cabins are small, primitive structures with just enough of what  what you’ll need for a restful nights’ sleep–with each boasting a queen sized bed, dresser, and hooks for guests to use. On a scale of camping to hotel, they are closer to camping–close to nature but a little more protected and comfortable than in a tent. They’re a great jump-off point whether you’re visiting the farm or exploring the Valley!

In a central hub near the cabins you can find the bathhouse, pavilion, and fire pit. With two single-occupancy restrooms and three outdoor showers open to the sky (while still perfectly private), the bathhouse serves our cabins and as an auxiliary bathroom during outdoor events. The pavilion nearby is a great place to gather out of the weather, with views of the gardens and a pasture of friendly farm animals. There are little nooks to discover scattered throughout the cabin area where solitude and privacy can be found away from the main gathering areas too, providing snippets of peace and quiet we can all appreciate on occasion. Central to the cabins is a large fire pit surrounded by swings, a favorite hangout spot where the fire’s sparks mingle with the stars above. Come join us for stories, community, and seasonal cooking right on the fire!

Interested in a day rental for an event or retreat? Check out our website for more information!

There are a variety of additional experiences you can schedule with us while you’re at the farm, like:

  • Catch a 1Tribe Farm Tour to see how we’re using regenerative farming methods to rejuvenate the land, animals, and people (these are free!)
  • Meals with Personal Chef Jordan Palmer of Twice Baked Provisions
  • Walk-A-Paca Alpaca Walks with our neighbors, Point of View Alpacas
  • Massage Services by Martha Kartaoui LMBT, of PIC Wellness

These services are dependent on our collaborators' availability and prices will vary depending on an array of options; for this reason, you'll see these options at booking without pricing–add the services you're interested in and we'll reach out to you with more information.

Address: 877 Todd Road, 24467 Mount Sidney, USA

Size: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms

Beds: 1 Queen size bed

Prices: 59 USD - 79 USD / Night


  • Towels and bed sheets
  • Kitchen
  • Washing machine
  • Free Parking on premises
  • Toilet paper and soap
  • Wireless internet
  • Dryer


PHONE SERVICE/WIFI | While the farm is close to some of the major towns and cities in the Shenandoah Valley we are still located rurally, surrounded by hills and trees–the service isn't great, ya'll. We find that AT&T has the best service here, and have signal boosters on various areas throughout the properties; there is Tesla Starlink WiFi available in the Farmhouse and it should reach the Pavilion by the Primitive Cabins without a problem! This is another way staying at the cabins is closer to camping than staying at a B&B: there's *some* service, and there's *some* WiFi, but we definitely don't have a high speed or reliable connection. Come prepared to disconnect, maybe it'll be just the relaxation you need!

COVID-19 | We do our best to keep up with local COVID19 protocols and make our space and events as COVID-mindful as possible–being out on a farm in the country is one of the best ways to get some respite from the pandemic, and we do what we can to welcome guests as considerately and safely as we can. We wear masks when indoors or in close outdoor proximity, like serving, with guests, and disposable masks and hand sanitizer are available in the Farmstore and at Events. Our publicly accessible bathrooms in the Bathhouse and Farmhouse are all cleaned and sanitized regularly, and have sanitizing wipes available for those who would like to use them. If you have any COVID-related questions or concerns–please feel free to reach out and we will do what we can to make your visit comfortable and safe.

Accessibility | 1Tribe is a farm with many old buildings, dirt paths, and other obstacles that may be challenging for folks that are sight or mobility impaired–but we are working to make more of the farm more accessible to more people. While the Farmhouse and the Summit both have steps leading to their entrances and are therefore wheelchair inaccessible, they do have sturdy bannisters at their primary entry points. All of our Primitive Cabins have sturdy railing on their stairs, while Cabin #5 has a ramp for easier access. The bathhouse nearby has ramp access, both single-occupancy toilets are wheelchair accessible, and 1 of the 3 outdoor showers is completely wheelchair accessible as well. We are doing what we can with challenging conditions to make the Farm as accessible to as many people as possible, whether they’re staying, visiting, or attending a program or workshop–if you have any accessibility questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


One of the great things about staying at 1Tribe is getting to enjoy the seclusion and rural serenity of being at a farm while still being convenient to major Shenandoah Valley attractions! Situated between the Historic cities of Harrisonburg and Staunton, we’re a great jump-off point for touring the Valley. Here are some quick facts:

Nearby | Grocery stores, gas stations, the hardware store–most basic conveniences–can be found in nearby Verona, VA. If you’re ever having trouble finding something specific nearby, please feel free to ask us for advice–we will always help to the best of our ability.

  • Bridgewater College | We are just over 12 miles, about 20 minutes’ drive away from the College.

Harrisonburg | We are approximately 21 miles and 30 minutes’ drive from the Parking Deck at 135 N Mason Street in Downtown Harrisonburg.

  • James Madison University (JMU) | We are just 18 miles, about 23 minutes’ drive from the University.

Staunton | We are approximately 10 miles and 21 minutes’ drive from The Downtown Staunton Visitor’s Center at 35 S New Street in Downtown Staunton.

  • Mary Baldwin University | We are just over 9 miles, about 17 minutes’ drive from the University.

Waynesboro | We are approximately 19 miles and 30 minutes’ drive from the Waynesboro Department of Tourism at 301 W Main Street in Downtown Waynesboro.

Skyline Drive | We are approximately 27 miles and 31 minutes’ drive from the Southern Terminus in Afton, VA.

Charlottesville | We are approximately 49 miles and 55 minutes’ drive from Downtown Charlottesville, 200 W Main Street.

  • University of Virginia (UVA) | We are about 48 miles and 50 minutes’ drive from the University.